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Nvidia refreshes Battlebox bundles with GTX 1080Ti/1060 and AMD Ryzen options

Back in 2013, when Ultra-HD screens were first starting to roll out on to the PC gaming market, Nvidia launched the GeForce Battlebox, a standardised gaming PC package for those looking to tackle 4K. There have been a few iterations since then but this year, Nvidia is simplifying things a bit with the new GeForce Battlebox Ultimate and Battlebox Essential bundles. Both featuring a combination of either AMD Ryzen or Intel CPU and a GTX 1080Ti or GTX 1060.

The GeForce GTX Battlebox has been in the works between Nvidia and top system builders to ensure each part in the rig works seamlessly for a smooth experience. The Battlebox Ultimate is the higher end machine, targeting 4K/60fps specifically, meanwhile the Battlebox Essential is targeting 1080p/60fps.

Here is the minimum spec sheet for both:

GeForce Battlebox Ultimate GeForce Battlebox Essential
GPU GTX 1080Ti GTX 1060
CPU Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
Memory 16GB+ DDR4 8GB+ DDR4
Storage SSD SSD
OS Windows 10 Windows 10
Display Nvidia G-Sync monitor Nvidia G-Sync monitor

You can expect Nvidia Battlebox certified systems to start popping up at various retailers soon.

KitGuru Says: The specs for both machines certainly make sense but as always when it comes to pre-built systems, it will come down to pricing for many. 

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