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YOYOTech XDNA 760 System Review

To save unnecessary waste and cost, YOYOTech ship the XDNA in a Cooler Master HAF X box which the case would have originally been supplied in.  The box had clearly been knocked around a fair bit by the courier (Citylink?) en route on the way to us, but thankfully this had only caused a couple of the (removable) fan blades to come lose

Mainstream system builders always supply you with several boxes of additional peripherals, like low cost keyboards and mice. It would seem YOYOTech have gone for the ‘less is more’ approach as there are no additional peripherals whatsoever supplied with the system.  Anything you actually need can be purchased from their online store, but none of your budget has been wasted on bits you might not use. Refreshing.

YOYOTech have used the popular Cooler Master HAF X case as the chassis for their XDNA system, which is sure to keep all those components nice and cool.  It’s look won’t appeal to everyone, but the ongoing popularity of Cooler Master’s quasi-military styling means it is well loved in come quarters. It’s visage is definitely transformed when you power up the system and the deep red illuminations glow from within.

All four 5.25″ drive bays are filled with a Scythe Kase Master Pro fan controller at the top, an attractive-looking Samsung blu-ray drive below and a dual-bay watercooling reservoir at the bottom.

Above these we find the plentiful selection of front panel connections which consist of 2x USB3.0 ports, 2x USB2.0 ports, an eSATA port, a Firewire port and two 3.5mm audio connectors.

Moving around to the back of the case, we find all the I/O connections alongside a red 120mm exhaust fan and the Thermaltake 775W power supply.  As there isn’t yet a standard internal front panel header for USB3.0, there are two USB3.0 cables which are routed through a hole at the top of the system and plugged into the rear USB3.0 connections.  These cables have been secured as neatly as possible to keep them out of the way of the remaining connections using numerous cable ties.  If you would prefer to use the rear USB3.0 connections instead of the frontal ones, then they can simply be unplugged.

In an effort to discourage users for fiddling with the system’s internals, YOYOTech have replaced the standard thumbscrews on the side panels with regular screws.  This is no bad thing, though, as the water cooling loop inside could be damaged quite easily if not treated properly.

The left hand side panel sports a large acrylic window which gives us a glimpse of the exciting internals.  Unlike some, though, this doesn’t fill the whole area as there is a large 200m intake fan attached to the panel.

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