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YOYOTech XDNA 760 System Review

After unscrewing the side panel, the true inner beauty of the XDNA becomes apparent.  YOYOTech have used a red theme with the cooling system consisting of LED-red fans from Phobya, red cold cathode lights and red water in the cooling tubes and reservoir.  This theme doesn’t continue into the components, though, as the ASUS motherboard and Kingston RAM are both blue in colour.

YOYOTech have based the XDNA around an Asus P7P55D-E motherboard paired with an Intel Core-i5 760 processor which we wouldn’t usually expect to see in a water-cooled machine.  This is because they are renowned for being quite cool running and should be able to reach their overclocking potential on air.

But just because it doesn’t really need a water-cooling loop, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have one. After all, we would be lying if we said we really needed that second 6870 or 256GB solid state drive for our machine. No doubt, this system has been water cooled for look and feel as much as anything else. We checked and YOYOTech confirmed that they are happy to supply the XDNA with a Core i7 set up with an option for water cooling on the graphics card(s) as well.

At the top of the case we find the sizable 240mm Phobya radiator which is cooled with two Phobya LED fans.  This is connected to the water block and the dual bay reservoir that sits in the front of the machine.  The 12V Swiftech MCP350 pump is situated at the bottom of the machine next to the hard drive bays.

YOYOTech have chosen to use an Asus GeForce GTX 470 that will let you play all the latest games at decent settings and is a perfect match for the mid-range CPU.  It would have been nice to see the graphics card water-cooled as well but this would increase the price beyond the magic £1,500 barrier.

The 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 storage drive is accompanied by a Kingston V-Series 64GB solid state drive which allows for speedy boot times without adding significantly to the price of the system.  It’s worth noting that it’s impossible to install any further drives into the system without rerouting the cables that YOYOTech have passed through the drive bays. If you’re likely to need more drive space, then let them know when ordering so they can alter the routing for you.

On the subject of cable routing, YOYOTech have done a very impressive job.  All the cables are routed tidily behind the motherboard tray and those that are visible look extremely neat.  This is helped to an extent by the PSU cable cover that is part of the Cooler Master HAF X.  This sits behind the PSU and shields the cables from view.

The power supply used in the XDNA is a high quality Thermaltake 775W unit that we reviewed a while back.  It is good to see that unlike some manufacturers, YOYOTech isn’t cutting corners by using unbranded PSUs.

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