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YOYOTech M-Cube WS2 Review

The M-Cube WS2 is another promising workstation from YOYOTech, but it still contains a few questionable choices.

We would have preferred the ten-core V2 of the Xeon E5-2660, which would only be slightly more expensive. The system performance is also slightly hampered by the use of a dual-channel memory configuration, rather than the quad-channel supported by the processor.

You are also paying a significant premium for the Xeon processor, which is only of benefit when rendering, and even then not by as much as you might expect. With modelling not deriving much from extra cores, and instead preferring faster core clock speeds, the M-Cube WS2 loses out in this respect to its much cheaper M-Cube WS.

Unfortunately, this leaves the M-Cube WS2 in a somewhat limited space. It will render your visualisations more rapidly than the WS, but it would also be possible to purchase two of the latter and still have some change left over, which would give you greater rendering performance with network-aware software.

So if your chosen software doesn’t have network rendering, and this is more important than smooth modelling, the M-Cube WS2 could be the compact workstation for you. But otherwise the M-Cube WS or another Intel Core-based workstation would be a cheaper choice.

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  • Excellent multi-threaded rendering performance
  • Decent graphics performance
  • Fast, capacious storage
  • Compact


  • Expensive
  • Modelling performance behind frequency-enhanced Intel Core workstations

Kitguru says: The YOYOTech M-Cube WS2 is a fast rendering system, but it’s expensive.

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Rating: 7.0.

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