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Falcon Computers Dead Silence Kaveri Gaming BattleRig Review

Falcon Computers have created a full range of AMD A10 7850K powered systems, and the Dead Silence Kaveri Gaming Battlerig we received for review slots in at the top of this specific range. It will appeal to the casual gamer who wants a low cost, quiet system for placement in a living room or bedroom.

There is no doubt that the new Kaveri A10 7850K is an excellent processor and in gaming terms a marked improvement on AMD’s last generation models. The A10 7850K integrated graphics delivers surprisingly capable frame rates, able to power current Direct X 11 titles with reasonable image quality settings at 720p. You will even get away with DX11 1080p, if you are happy lowering IQ and running without anti aliasing.

The goal of Falcon computers was clearly to build a quiet, petite little system that would be capable of handling office and media duties and high definition gaming via a television set. Without a discrete graphics card, it demands minimal power at the socket, runs cooler while generating less noise. In this regard Falcon can consider The Kaveri Dead Silence Battlerig a complete success.

I have to admit I have been surprised that AMD are charging so much for the A10 7850K. It retails at £139.99 inc vat in the UK today. The Intel Core i5 4670k is only £30 more expensive and delivers greater raw CPU performance. For a gamer working with a slightly greater budget, a 4670K and entry level discrete card would be a better option.

The Dead Silence Kaveri Gaming BattleRig is undoubtedly an excellent purchase. We love the Aerocool Dead Silence Cube case – it is almost silent, and looks fantastic. If we were building this system ourselves we would spend a little extra, and add the Asus R9 270 Direct CU II, which is a £155 extra on the Falcon Computers configuration tool. This is a very quiet running card, and it would massively increase the gaming frame rate prowess at 1920×1080 – ideal for pairing up with a high definition 1080p television set.

The biggest weakness of the review system we received today, was the lack of solid state drive. It was immediately noticeable and one area that many people overlook. Thankfully Falcon Computers have the option to add one. If you are working to a tight budget, then we would recommend the addition of a Seagate Hybrid 1TB/8GB SSD. This only adds £50 to the price and would dramatically improve overall system performance. A no brainer in our opinion.

If you want to configure this system for yourself – then head over to this link.

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  • Aerocool Dead Silence case is beautiful
  • AMD A10 7850K is a capable all round processor.
  • almost silent.
  • low power drain.
  • low heat emissions.


  • Will need a discrete graphics card to power the latest games properly at 1080p.
  • AMD A10 7850K is quite an expensive APU

Kitguru Says: We do rate the Dead Silence Kaveri Gaming Battlerig highly, and with the £50 Seagate Hybrid HDD/SDD included in the build for £599.99 you would have the foundation of a fantastic media center, capable of powering many of the latest titles.

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Rating: 8.0.

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