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White Microsoft Xbox One console due later this year

Microsoft Corp. will finally make the white version of Xbox One available to general public later this year, the company said last week. Previously white Xbox One game consoles were only available to the company’s employees.

The white version of Xbox One will be available with Sunset Overdrive, the colorful open-world action title from Insomniac, reports Polygon citing a spokesperson from Microsoft. It is unknown when exactly the bundle is set to become available, but the game itself is scheduled to ship on the 28th of October, 2014.


Sony plans to sell white PlayStation 4 with Destiny game next month. The console will also be available separately.

White version of Xbox One will likely make the console slightly more popular in general, but will unlikely let Microsoft to sell significantly more hardware.

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KitGuru Says: The choice is always good. It is unclear why Microsoft has not introduced white Xbox One console so far.

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