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Cortana on Android can now replace Google Now as default

It seems that Microsoft has found a way to allow its Cortana app to have deeper integration with Android as the halo-themed digital assistant can now replace Google Now. Cortana for Android is still in beta, having launched last month but it already does a lot of the same tasks that Google Now would previously handle.

Now in a new update, the app can replace Google Now as the default and can be accessed via the home button shortcut, which was previously reserved for Google’s own digital assistant.


While Cortana can replace Google Now as the default option, it still lacks the voice activation feature. On Windows Phone, users can say ‘Hey, Cortana’ in order to activate the app and a similar voice command is also available for Google Now on Android. However, Cortana on Android still can’t be activated by voice with the ‘Hey, Cortana’ command.

The Cortana beta is currently only out in the US and China, though there is an APK file floating around if you really want to try it out.

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft’s new Windows digital assistant has been getting quite a bit of attention since it launched last year. Have any of you tried out Cortana on Windows Phone or Android yet? 

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