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Apple to bring Siri to Mac this year

After years of speculation on the topic, it looks like Apple will finally be bringing Siri to Mac OS X this year according to new reports. Right now it is believed that this year’s OS X update is codenamed ‘Fuji’ and Siri will be one of the big flagship features. …

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Cortana on Android can now replace Google Now as default

It seems that Microsoft has found a way to allow its Cortana app to have deeper integration with Android as the halo-themed digital assistant can now replace Google Now. Cortana for Android is still in beta, having launched last month but it already does a lot of the same tasks …

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Cortana may also be coming to Android and iOS

The Windows 10 digital assistant, Cortana, may end up landing on iOS and Android following the official launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system, which will attempt to unify its devices and form a better ecosystem. Bringing Cortana to other mobile operating systems would git in well with the company’s new devices …

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Google Now may soon start talking back to you

Google Now may soon start talking back to you thanks to voice notifications and third-party app support, according to some unused code found in the latest updates for both Android and iOS. It also looks like Google is looking for a way to better integrate the Chrome browser with Android …

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