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Cortana to hit Android in June, iOS later in the year

Earlier this week, Microsoft detailed its new method for syncing up Windows 10 with Microsoft’s other apps on iOS and Android. This includes bringing the Cortana digital assistant to Google and Apple’s respective platforms this year. At the time, a release date was not touched upon but it looks like Android users can expect Cortana in June.

iOS users will have to wait until later on in the year. This is all part of Microsoft’s new devices and services initiative, which CEO Satya Nadella put in to place last year, kicking things off by bringing the Office app suite to iOS.


While Android and iOS devices will have access to Cortana, there are some features that won’t be ported from non-Windows phone devices. For example, you won’t be able to open up apps, toggle settings, or have Cortana open up by saying “Hey, Cortana”, as these functions require deeper integration with the phone.

Aside from that, we don’t actually know for sure when Windows 10 will launch. However, sources close with the matter are currently touting a 29th of July release date. The Windows 10 OS won’t be heading to mobile devices or the Xbox One console until later in the year though.

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft has been making a big push on mobile, in an effort to get people on all platforms using its own apps. Now with this extra integration with Windows 10, it is possible that Microsoft’s apps and services will gain some popularity on all platforms. 

Via: Forbes

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