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Xbox to Windows 10 streaming has a hidden quality option

Windows 10 is out, bringing with it a brand new Xbox app with Xbox to PC streaming functionality built in. In all, the program works well, though performance will vary from connection to connection. However, recently some savvy Redditors have discovered a hidden higher quality option for streaming.

The difference between the high and hidden (but accessible) very high streaming preset is an additional 3Mbps taxing your connection so you will need a pretty decent network setup to get this quality setting working properly.


In order to unlock the higher streaming option on Windows 10, you need to edit the userconsoledata file in the Xbox app folder. Once in the file, you need to change the IsInternalPreview value from false to true. Some testers have reported issues with this mode over in the Reddit thread so you have been warned.

However, the end result, assuming you have the network to handle it, should be a better image while streaming Xbox games over to the PC.

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KitGuru Says: While Xbox to Windows 10 streaming isn’t good enough for something like Call of Duty, it is pretty good for some more casual gaming or even third-person titles, like The Witcher. 

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