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Xbox to Windows 10 streaming has a hidden quality option

Windows 10 is out, bringing with it a brand new Xbox app with Xbox to PC streaming functionality built in. In all, the program works well, though performance will vary from connection to connection. However, recently some savvy Redditors have discovered a hidden higher quality option for streaming. The difference …

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NZXT to launch DOKO PC streaming box

NZXT is now targeting PC gaming in the living room thanks to its new PC game streaming box, the DOKO. The micro-console was announced today and will stream desktop titles to your TV at full 1080p resolution for $99. The box isn’t only intended for gamers though, it is capable …

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Valve and Nvidia team up to improve in-home streaming

Valve and Nvidia have teamed up to improve the performance of Steam’s in-home streaming feature by adding in support for hardware encoding on Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. This new feature works in a similar way to Nvidia’s own ‘Game Stream’ implementation for the Nvidia Shield handheld and tablet. Valve’s own …

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Steam in-home streaming enters open beta

Steam in-home streaming has been around for about six months now and is set to be one of the main selling points for Valve’s upcoming Steam Machines. Up to this point, in-home streaming has been in closed beta but now the flood gates have opened and anyone who opts-in the …

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