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Devs still struggling to hit 1080p, 60fps on both next gen consoles

It has been evident for a while that the Xbox One wasn't built for 1080p gaming and while some developers are managing to hit the resolution, many are still struggling. On the flip-side however, Sony's Playstation 4 is hitting 1080p more often than not although it seems to be struggling with hitting the 60 frames per second sweet spot and often sticking to 30 frames per second in a lot of titles.

CI Games has admitted that while getting its upcoming game, Lord of the Fallen, up to 1080p on the PS4 wasn't much of a problem, it may not be possible for the Xbox One: “We’re working very hard right now to deliver PS4 and Xbox One in 1080p but I can’t confirm whether it’s possible.It’s probably easier for me to confirm it’ll happen for PlayStation 4, because it appears on this one we’re almost nailing it and pretty much there. For Xbox One though, it’s slightly tougher and we’re still working on it, so I can’t confirm that yet.”


While 1080p might be off the cards for the Xbox One, The Playstation 4 isn't completely off the hook either as it will likely be limited to 30 frames per second:

“We definitely won’t be below 30fps, definitely. I think if we have to choose between resolution and framerate, we’ll probably choose to go full HD 1080p and have a stable, rock-solid 30fps, rather than try to lower the resolution and push it to 60fps because we believe this game looks pretty good, so we’d rather have a decent resolution to show it off.”

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