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It looks like 1TB models of the Xbox One and PS4 will be at E3

E3 is coming up in just less than two weeks so now is the time for retailers to accidentally leak upcoming reveals, whether they be from Sony, Microsoft or other game developers. If you have one of the new consoles currently and own more than five games, then you have likely ran in to a bit of a space issue.

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launched with 500GB hard drives, which is definitely not enough, especially considering the increased game file size we are seeing these days. Fortunately, Sony and Microsoft seem to be wising up and may be making 1TB hard drives the standard in their respective consoles.


Amazon accidentally revealed an early listing for a 1TB Xbox One with the new controller, which features a proper headset jack, removing the need for Microsoft’s overpriced adapter. Previously, those who wanted more space would need an external drive compatible with the Xbox One, or they would have to buy the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare themed console.

On the Sony side, recently discovered certification documents submitted to the FCC in the US, revealed that Sony is looking to launch a 1TB version of the PlayStation 4, which has seen plenty of success since its launch back in November 2013.

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KitGuru Says: Ideally, the Xbox One and PS4 would have launched with 1TB hard drives right from the get go. I struggle with space on my Xbox One all of the time personally. Do any of you own one of the current gen consoles? Do you ever struggle for space? 

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