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Desura has gone bankrupt

The online game marketplace, Desura, has filed for bankruptcy shortly after reports that developers had not been paid for their sales on the platform. The lack of payment for small indie developers has apparently been going on for months, similarly to when Crytek UK were having issues and could not pay their employees.

Desura is owned by Bad Juju Games, the acquisition was only just made in November last year. The original creator of Desura was Linden Lab.


Speaking with Gamasutra, Desura's head of developer relations, Lisa Morrison, said that the bankruptcy filing came as a surprise: “I'm just shocked right now. Stunned. … I had no idea this was coming.”

Bad Juju CEO, Tony Novak, is currently not commenting on the situation, not even to its own employees: “I asked Tony for confirmation and all he could tell me was, ‘The lawyers have said I can't say anything or answer any questions yet, but yes it's true.'”

Desura is still online for the time being, selling on game codes. Right now, it seems to all be up in the air and we may not know what exactly is going on until next week.

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KitGuru Says: While I never used Desura myself, it probably provided some level of income for smaller indie developers. If Desura goes under, then it is possible that there will be developers out-of-pocket, which isn't a great outcome. Have any of you guys ever used Desura? 

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  1. valgarlienheart .

    “I’m just shocked right now. Stunned. … I had no idea this was coming.”

    Really? No idea?

  2. Demon Highwayman

    “Juju” is actually neptunian for ‘buisness practice’ !…
    ..or maybe not, it’d be interesting to find out if it has any relevant translations in other languages though.

  3. Linden Labs did not originally create Desura. They bought Desura last year and then shortly later sold to Bad Juju.

  4. doloresmjackson



  5. Welp, their goes my release plans for Desura…

  6. Nobody cares.

  7. Some people care about accurate reporting and the truth. Hopefully Matthew Wilson cares enough about his reputation to correct errors like this.

  8. Chaotic Entropy

    +1 for provision of accurate information.

    -1 for overdramatic inference of what this minor oversight does to one’s “reputation”.

  9. what a shitty site with crappy writers, get your facts right, Bad Juju Games filed for bankruptcy not desura , yes Bad Juju Games is parent company but there are no news about Desura right now.

  10. The minor oversight suggests that the author of the article is a lazy journalist, as 30 seconds of research into Desura will show that it was not originally created by Linden Labs. Why include that little “fact” at all without verifying it? Additionally, the fact that the article still has not been corrected (as of this writing) suggests that the author feels similarly to Smigel, i.e., he doesn’t care.

    A reputable journalist will, first, try to make sure all the information in his article is correct, and second, correct any false information mistakenly stated as fact. If a journalist doesn’t do these things, he isn’t reputable, and thus will have a poor reputation. So yes, even minor oversights can affect one’s reputation.

    What it comes down to for me, basically, is that someone linking me to this article is the first time I’ve ever visited this site, much less heard of it. I came to the site, noticed an error and tried to provide helpful feedback. My comment seems to have been completely ignored by the site/author, meanwhile receiving antagonistic replies from others. It hasn’t made a good first impression. I don’t intend on coming back, and therefore I probably won’t be recommending/linking this site to others. That’s not to say that I’m a wildly popular or influential person. The issue is lack of growth if others have a similar experience as me and also choose not to return.

    But whatever. It doesn’t affect me. There are plenty of other sites and sources for news. I’ve spent way more time on this already than it’s worth.

    @disqus_V0DVPCItK8:disqus: The above isn’t necessarily directed at you. It’s just my attempt to explain myself a bit more thoroughly. I sincerely hope you have a positive day.