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Valve introduces ‘custom game pass’ for Dota 2

While Valve's brief paid mods stint with Skyrim didn't last long, Valve hasn't given up on coming up with ways to support custom content creators. Today, Valve announced the ‘Custom Game Pass' for Dota 2, which will allow those who enjoy custom game modes to support the creators directly. Custom Game …

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Steam making more security changes for trading

Late last year Valve implemented a trade hold system for the Steam marketplace with the aim of providing better security for users and help minimize the amount of trading scams taking place. A three-day hold was placed on all trades between nonlong-term Steam friends to allow potential scam victims to …

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Killing Floor 2 is getting microtransactions too

Right on the back of the PayDay 2 microtransaction backlash, Tripwire Interactive has revealed that it will be putting microtransactions in to its Early Access title, Killing Floor 2. As you can imagine, a lot of players aren't too happy about it, despite the fact that Tripwire is only offering …

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Desura has gone bankrupt

The online game marketplace, Desura, has filed for bankruptcy shortly after reports that developers had not been paid for their sales on the platform. The lack of payment for small indie developers has apparently been going on for months, similarly to when Crytek UK were having issues and could not …

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Business as usual: Silk Road 3 reloaded appears

In an almost immediate response to the shut down of the illicit substance marketplace, Silk Road 2 and the arrest of its alleged owner, Blake Benthall, Silk Road 3 “reloaded” has appeared on the dark net, advertising business as usual for underground drug sales. However, just because the name and …

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Dutch police down drug marketplace Utopia

When the US authorities used good old fashioned police work to take down the original Silk Road last year and arrest its alleged owner, Ross Ulbricht, it seemed like they'd dealt a serious blow to the online trading community, but it didn't last long. Within days alternatives had appeared and …

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