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Another retailer points to sub-£200 price point for Nintendo Switch

Update: Last week, we heard some news surrounding the Nintendo Switch's pricing, with sources claiming that here in the UK, the Switch would come in two configurations, one priced at £199 and another with more storage priced at £249. Now that outcome is looking even more likely as UK retailer has put up its listing for the Nintendo Switch this week, sticking to the sub-£200 price point.

Retailer GameSeek has put up an order page for the Nintendo Switch, pricing it at £198.50 for pre-orders, which sits in line with what we heard last week. Interestingly enough, the retailer also lists a specific release date for the console. While officially we only know that the Nintendo Switch is launching sometime in March, GameSeek lists it as launching on the 17th.

We should get confirmation of pricing and the release date from Nintendo quite soon too, as the publisher is set to hold another Switch announcement in January.

Original Story: Nintendo won't be giving us official details on pricing, launch games and release dates for the Nintendo Switch until January but that doesn't mean we won't continue to hear whispers of what is coming beforehand. Many of the Switch's features were known of way ahead of time and it seems that leakers are continuing to push out early information with reports this week claiming that the console will have a launch price as low as £199 here in the UK.

According to a report over on letsplayvideogames, which has been an accurate source of Switch information in the past, UK retailer GAME will be stocking two configurations of the Switch in 2017, one priced at £199 and another priced at £249.


It is important to note that these aren't Retail Recommended Prices as Nintendo does not set an RRP here in the UK. However, according to the report's two anonymous sources, these are the prices that GAME is planning to run with in the UK.

The £199.99 will be the base unit with an unspecified amount of storage and no bundled extras. Meanwhile, the £249 bundle will have more internal storage and a bundled game, though the included game has yet to be confirmed. This pricing ties in with what UK retailers were saying earlier this year, when several of them voiced the opinion that a sub £200 price point would be necessary for the console to succeed.

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KitGuru Says: If the Nintendo Switch really does end up launching at just £199.99, then I can see many people deciding to grab one fairly early on, even those who perhaps already own a current generation system. Do you guys think this would be a good launch price for the Nintendo Switch?


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