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Xbox Live is back up after 15 hours of issues

Last night, Xbox Live began having a lot of issues with its core services, which spread through to things like app connectivity and games. During this time, people had trouble launching apps like YouTube, Netflix, Plex or catch up services, users also couldn’t access things like the store or go online on several games. However, after 15 hours or so of maintenance, Microsoft has managed to get everything running back to normal.

Right now it is suspected that someone launched a DDOS attack at Xbox Live, taking out some of its services.


Microsoft has yet to comment on the issues so there is no confirmation on exactly what happened but this is becoming a common issue, with services being knocked out for seven days in a row so far.

KitGuru Says: It’s situations just like this that prove that Microsoft was right to reverse it’s always online policy for the Xbox One. That said, these Xbox Live issues still block off access to a lot of third-party services, like Netflix which isn’t ideal for a lot of people. 

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