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Xbox Live is back up after 15 hours of issues

Last night, Xbox Live began having a lot of issues with its core services, which spread through to things like app connectivity and games. During this time, people had trouble launching apps like YouTube, Netflix, Plex or catch up services, users also couldn’t access things like the store or go …

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Pirate Bay co-founder wants it to stay offline

Earlier this week, Sweden’s police force managed to take down The Pirate Bay and it has been offline ever since. As it turns out, TPB co-founder, Peter Sunde, thinks that the site should stay offline because he’s “not a fan of what TPB has become”. Following the raid that took …

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Modder makes SimCity playable offline


SimCity has been causing problems for gamers since release. Whether it’s the always-on DRM, the restrictive city sizes, the god awful AI, or the fact that for days players weren’t even able to connect to the main servers. Some of these issues have been fixed, but you can still only …

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