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Bethesda’s Creation Club advertisement ironically modded out of Fallout 4

Paid mods have never been particularly popular and the same rings true for Bethesda’s Creation Club, whether it’s selling small lots of content or intrusively downloading pieces without your permission. Ironically, a mod has since been created to block all Creation Club news in Fallout 4, and needless to say, it is rather popular.

Since update 1.10.20 went live for Fallout 4 at the end of last month, a large advertisement for Bethesda’s Creation Club tool appears in the top right hand corner of the main menu. Of course, this is only while you’re at the main menu, but for modder ‘InAComaDial999’, it was principle to have this removed as soon as possible.

The mod, called No More Creation Club News currently sits as the second most voted-for mod on Fallout 4’s page on Nexus Mods. After installing the mod, it does exactly as its name states, removing the news from sight and along with it, the promotional offer of obtaining 100 credits to use on the store.

Controversy over the Creation Club arose when Bethesda went back on its word that previously free mods would remain free and that proper vetting processes would be used before inducting new mods onto the store. This has caused outrage and distrust from a lot of fans that now remain weary in the direction that Bethesda is taking.

KitGuru Says: I have nothing against the idea of paid mods, as modders should be rewarded for their hard work if they so choose. That being said, it’s all less than upfront so I can understand people’s scepticism. Will you be downloading the No More Creation Club News mod?

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