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Destiny 2’s PC version still has aim assist for controllers

With Destiny 2’s release on PC, many were concerned as to how the controls would hold up as the shooter is primarily built around the use of a controller. It seems that the developers are running with a similar build to the beta, keeping aim assist on PC version.

The aim assist feature is included within the PC version of the game for those that wanted to use a controller on the platform, but is natively disabled when using a mouse and keyboard with mice being fundamentally more precise than an analogue stick. As discovered by Destiny streamer DrLupo, however, this can be re-enabled through the use of a XIM4 module.

“The XIM still involves translation, which means it will never be as precise as a native mouse,” DrLupo explains to PC Gamer, suggesting that there shouldn’t be an inherent advantage to a keyboard and mouse user enabling aim assist.

“People will look for anything to blame. The XIM is a usual suspect, depending on opinion, so people will point fingers without any personal experience of their own,” he explained. “Players are shaming others for using a controller. This means the ‘ego' issue is already at play.”

Bungie’s controller setup is widely regarding as one of Destiny’s strengths, and the studio realise this. “We heard feedback on that and we're definitely listening and we'll continue to listen going forward, but right now we are planning to ship the controller similar to how it was in the beta,” PC project lead David Shaw explained to The Telegraph. “We think our controls on the controller are pretty good, and people seem to like them, and we think that the PC players should have the ability to play that way if that's their choice.”

With Bungie constantly listening to feedback, paired with PC developer Vicarious Visions’ ability to diverge, the balancing of the PC version and its use of aim assist could most certainly change in the future, but for now the studio doesn’t want to fix what might not be broken.

Destiny 2 is a competitive shooter, and while DrLupo admits that it seems like a silly idea to bring aim assist into a competitive environment on PC, Bungie has stated that it isn’t trying to “build an eSport,” so aim assist might actually craft a more versatile and enjoyable experience for the many.

KitGuru Says: I plan on picking up Destiny 2 at some point this week and I have toyed with the idea of using a controller, particularly in the PvE elements as it seemed a lot more casual to me. That being said, keyboard and mouse is where the competition will undoubtedly be at so I should get all the practice I can.

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