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Hideo Kojima debuts Death Stranding gameplay at E3

Since its announcement back in 2016, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has seemed more like a dream with its weird and wonderful cinematics. Now, the game has come to life with a complete gameplay showcase during this year’s PlayStation’s E3 panel, as Death Stranding introduces more stars into its Hollywood line-up.

The brand new story trailer unveils Norman Reedus’ character Sam to be a delivery man with the ability to sense otherwise invisible monsters. Delivering incredibly questionable packages, one of which is in the shape of a body, Sam has to travel across desolate, yet dangerous rocky terrain, braving a range of supernatural threats.

Even throughout 8 minutes, fans looking forward to Death Stranding can make little sense of what’s going on. What is clear, however, is that Kojima has preserved his traditional cinematic approach, atmospheric world building and odd occurrences – you know, like powering machines with a foetus.

Kojima debuted the footage in 4K, running on a PlayStation 4 Pro from a modified Decima Engine, the same engine running Horizon: Zero Dawn. He also insists that the new trailer helps in “answering some clues from the previous 3 trailers,” however it seems to have unsurprisingly introduced more questions.

The “handmade ‘silent’ trailer with no explosions/gun fights” introduces two brand new actresses into the already star studded line-up, ushering in Léa Seydoux as the mysterious spiky-leather-clad saviour of Sam that’ll supposedly be watching over him and Lindsay Wagner, who seems to have a connection to our protagonist yet to be explored.

Unfortunately, Kojima did not reveal anything of a release date, prompting thoughts of a 2019 or even 2020 launch.

KitGuru Says: Despite the confusing nature of Kojima’s titles, it is great to see gameplay shaping up nicely. So far, the world seems a little bare, but this likely won’t matter when full context is provided. Are you looking forward to Death Stranding?  


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