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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has launched its ‘FIX PUBG’ campaign to quell bugs

If it’s not cheaters bringing PUBG players down, it’s a plethora of bugs according to the game’s community. It seems that developer PUBG Corp agrees with this assessment, pledging its latest efforts to improving Battlegrounds’ quality-of-life under a new campaign called “FIX PUBG.”

“For the duration of the campaign, we’ll be entirely focused on addressing problems with the game, including bugs, long-needed quality-of-life improvements, and fundamental performance improvements,” explains PUBG Corp’s post. To do this, the team has unveiled a brand new dedicated website to track bug-fixing progress, sharing “specifics” about the fixes in question and the “time it’ll take to address the issues.”

This is “a months-long campaign to deliver the changes and improvements that you’ve been asking for,” complete with a roadmap that the developer will be wading through as it promises to deliver. This will last at least three months, according to the website, with character optimisation, server performance profiling optimisation, PUBG’s combined anti-cheat solution, smarter matchmaking and quality-of-life being the primary headlines lasting until October.

While the campaign officially started with Update 19 last week, PUBG Corp already kicked things off with a smaller patch to the live server today introducing limb penetration, the ability to customise graphical sharpness, in-game FPS cap and menu FPS cap and toggling each teammate’s mute button individually. Quality-of-life improvements have also been added to those utilising the game’s colourblind mode and loot stack splitting, while dampening vehicle sounds for the driver while in first-person perspective.

PUBG Corp’s announcement has the player base divided. While invested and returning players are thankful that their voice has been heard, many others are disturbed by the developer’s use of acknowledging problems as a marketing tool. Still, it’s imperative to the survival of the game that PUBG Corp works on these issues sooner rather than later.

KitGuru Says: Although I certainly think that PUBG Corp could have been quicker to the mark rather than taking a whole year to get to this stage, it’s always difficult for a developer to be open about its problems without further backlash. It looks like the team is set to fix these issues once and for all. How do you feel about the FIX PUBG campaign?

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