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Skybound Games has resumed development on The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Following the public collapse of Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: The Final Season was left noticeably unfinished with just two of its four episodes released. Fortunately, Skybound Games picked up the remaining episodes, which are now in development.

Skybound Games, formed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, picked up Telltale’s final video game in early October, but has remained unable to begin development due to logistical issues. It seems that all has finally been resolved and progress is finally being made with a release date announcement supposedly on the horizon.

“Thank you for your patience while we worked with Telltale to take control of TELLTALE’S THE WALKING DEAD. It’s been a ton of work logistically and legally to get us to a place where we’re able to roll up our sleeves and get to the actual work,” explains Skybound Games in a statement.

“After Telltale had to stop development on The Walking Dead, the game was, unfortunately, unable to be worked on and hence the release dates of Episodes 3 and 4 have been delayed. But, we’re excited to let you know that many of the talented, passionate team members who originally worked on the game are resuming development efforts today!”

The studio was hoping to get as many former Telltale staff on board with the project as possible, facing the difficulties that some didn’t want to return to the project and, thankfully, others had already found their feet at a different firm. Skybound has yet to reveal how many ex-Telltale have stepped aboard the project, if any at all.

Answering the burning questions of fans that already own season 4, the developer will not be charging for the game again, keeping all original purchases intact. Upcoming episodes will be available for owners of the game, both past and present, once the title releases. While the current episodes might be unavailable to purchase during this transition period, prospective buyers will soon be able to get their hands on The Walking Dead: The Final Season once again.

KitGuru Says: It’s great to see Skybound shovelling coal into the project, even if The Walking Dead: The Final Season has been partially marred by the difficulties former Telltale staff have faced. While we still hope all those affected by the abrupt layoffs are finding their way in the industry, it’s good that their final game won’t remain forever unfinished. Are you looking forward to episode 3 and 4?

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