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The Wolf Among Us 2 gets new trailer and 2023 release date

Back in 2018, the financial situation at Telltale Games went south very swiftly and despite various cutbacks and management changes, the studio ultimately shut down. Since then, another company has acquired Telltale’s assets, leading to The Wolf Among Us 2 returning to development. The game has been back in development for a …

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Telltale has shed even more staff without severance

After the closure of Telltale Games, approximately 25 members of staff were kept on to fulfil various obligations left by the studio. Unfortunately, it seems that more staff have been made redundant since, reducing the skeleton crew even further. Narrative designer Rachel Noel took to Twitter on Thursday to reveal …

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Telltale Games has downsized by 25 percent


Ahead its 2018 line-up revisiting its take on beloved DC Comics’ characters, Telltale Games has laid off 90 people from its workforce. Approximating around 25 percent of its staff, the move was apparently made as a part of “comprehensive company restructuring. ” Telltale is known for its narrative-focused episodic titles …

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Tales from the Borderlands available today

Telltale games has been working on point and click adventures for some time now, expanding some of the most well beloved universes of games, movies and TV. But it took things to a new level when it made the Walking Dead episodic series. It felt like a whole new kind of …

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Walking Dead Season 2 launching tomorrow

If like me, you consider the first Walking Dead game from Telltale an emotional rollercoaster of a title, then you'll no doubt be as excited as I am for the second Season. Fortunately the wait isn't long at all, as Telltale has now teased a big reveal for the 29th …

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