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Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access might launch in August

During the Guerilla Collective Showcase, Larian Studios shared the release date window for Baldur's Gate 3 to hit Early Access, alongside a new trailer highlighting some aspects of the game, and a new community update where Swen Vinke provided details on the current state of development.

We previously reported that more details about Baldur's Gate 3 were planned to be shared on June 6th, during the Guerilla Collective Showcase. However, this event was postponed until June 13th due to the current protests that have been taking place.

The first part of the new trailer for Baldur's Gate 3 gives us a new glimpse of some characters, the story, and the setting of the game. Additionally, the trailer also shows the planned release date for the game's Early Access, currently set for “maybe” August 2020, for both Stadia and Steam.

Swen Vinke, the founder of Larian Studios, explained the “maybe” part of that release date, saying the Covid-19 pandemic caused some issues that slowed down the game's development. Depending on how fast the studio can make up for the lost time, the release date may change. Vinke also told us about the current state of the game, including the upgraded visuals, story, combat, and other core systems. Lastly, it was revealed that we can expect to see more of Baldur's Gate 3 at Dungeons & Dragons Live, scheduled for June 18th.

You can learn more about Baldur's Gate 3 on its Steam page.

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