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Company of Heroes coming to iPhone and Android this year

After the iPad launch earlier this year, it's now time for the iPhone and Android to receive Company of Heroes. Feral Interactive, the developer responsible for porting Company of Heroes to the iPad, has announced that the award-winning strategy war game will be released to these new platforms later this year.

The work made by Feral Interactive on porting Company of Heroes to tablets was remarkable. As tablets differ greatly from PCs, the platform for which Company of Heroes was initially designed, the team at Feral Interactive had to readjust some core mechanics and gameplay features of the original game, including a new way to organise units through the “Command Wheel”. Following a touchscreen-focused approach, by pressing and holding a unit, a list of available actions will be displayed for the player to choose.

Part of the UI was also adapted for touch screens, while an alternative, more “old-school” way to play is also present. Some adjustments on squad managements and more details on the tactical map were also added.

Given the “limited” storage of some mobile devices, Feral Interactive also added an option to reduce the game's size. For example, the game's iPad version occupies 5.2GB of the device's free space, but it's possible to remove campaign missions, maps and high-resolution models after the installation is complete to reduce the total application size.

According to PocketGamer, the mobile versions of the game will cost the same as the iPad version on App Store, which is $13.99. If you already have the iPad version of the game, you can install it on your iPhone. You can learn more about Company of Heroes mobile if you click HERE.

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