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Geeks3D to launch FurMark 2 this month

We already knew that Geeks3D started working on a new version of FurMark back in 2022. As it turns out, it's been in beta since late 2022, though only accessible to Geeks3D Discord members. Fortunately, it seems the beta period coming to an end as the development team plans to launch this month.

FurMark is a popular GPU stress tool that is frequently use to ascertain the operating temperature of a specific graphics card at a nearly 100% load. Unfortunately, its reliability dropped when GPU makers started to implement techniques to prevent GPUs from reaching higher power levels and clock rates when running such applications. Even so, it can still give you a general impression of the temperature ceiling you can expect while gaming.

Source: Geeks3D via Videocardz

With FurMark 2.0, things will change a bit compared to versions 1.x. The new FurMark version supports the OpenGL or Vulkan graphics APIs and comes with three preset benchmark options: 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p resolutions. Users will be still able to choose their own resolution and graphical settings for testing.

Users will also be able to submit their benchmark results to a public database using FurMark 2.0, similar to other benchmark tools such as Geekbench and 3DMark benchmark software. If you want to test it out right now, you'll need to join the Geeks3D Discord group and download the latest beta version ( from there. Alternatively, you may prefer to wait for the public release, which is expected to happen this month.

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KitGuru says: Did you ever use FurMark to stress test GPUs? What other stress tool apps would you recommend as an alternative to FurMark?

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