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Kojima Productions’ future plans include more games, anime, manga and movies

We have previously reported that Kojima is planning to make movies, but it seems that is not his only ambition. In an interview for the 6th of February issue of Famitsu, Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa, character artist at KJP (Kojima Productions), stated what's in store for the studio and what projects they would like to tackle.

As translated by DualShockers, a big sum of the interview is about the past of both Kojima and Shinkawa as colleagues and friends, and how they have always worked together.

At the final part of the interview, Shinkawa and Kojima were asked about what project they would like to work on next, and they answered that a manga would be their choice. Shinkawa stated how he likes to be “able to touch things directly, so an analogue project like a manga” would be ideal.

After that, they mentioned how Death Stranding has a lot of weapons, but not many mechas. In order for Shinkawa to design more mechas, they have stated that they could do an anime project, instead of a game. Kojima then referred once again how he would like to make movies, using Shinkawa's designs.

Regarding their future projects at KJP, there are plans to work on multiple games, including a “big” one. For the remaining projects, Kojima would like to stir up things a bit and work on smaller games, such as digital or episodic titles. Unfortunately, he's uncertain how he would manage to work on these smaller games while working on the main project at the same time.

Finally, Kojima also talked about Death Stranding, and how despite being his most praised game, it still got some mixed reviews, just like his previous work. Based on these reviews, Kojima stated that he still has room to improve.

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