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PUBG Season 5: throwable gear, Miramar changes, and more

There's another battle royale game besides Fortnite starting a new season, as PUBG is getting ready to drop its 5.1 Update, currently live on the test server.

With PUBG's fourth season ending, the beginning of a new one comes. PUBG Season 5 starts later this month together with the new 5.1 Update. This update focus on changing Miramar by adding new locations and objects, the ability to throw melee weapons and gear, a new way of looting – vending machines.

Miramar is being refreshed in 3 different ways:

  • Adding new “objects like ramps, loops, jumps and signboards” across the map, a new location called “A La Muerte Vamos Track”, adding a “Gold Mirado” in “Hacienda del Patron”, and removing “small objects and trash” from the map.
  • Focusing on long-range engagements, by increasing the item spawn rates for snipers, rifles, and scopes.
  • Introducing vending machines as a new way to loot items like painkillers and energy drinks.

A new season pass is being introduced: Survivor Pass Badlands. With this season pass comes “new rewards, missions, and improved systems”. They are also bringing a new “Community Mission System” for players to unlock skins and discover the story of Miramar, whether you have the season pass or not.

On the gameplay mechanics, Win94 is being changed by equipping an “irremovable 2.7x scope” and is now Miramar-exclusive. They are adding the ability to throw objects like melee weapons to “attack your enemies”. You can also throw ammo and healing items for your teammates, and ask for those “through radio messages (mouse wheel)”.

As reported by Gamespot, the update will drop on 23rd October for PC and 29th October for consoles.

You can find more information on the official page and on the official patch notes.

KitGuru says: Although PUBG had some difficulties in the past, they seem to be getting making some ground back. Do you play PUBG? Will you login to check the new update?

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