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Ray-tracing mod brings new life to Doom Classic

As great as Doom Classic is, it is also a true product of its time, with graphics that haven't aged well. Fortunately, through mods, you can give the game quite the graphics overhaul, especially if it is as well implemented as this new ray-tracing mod. 

A quick look at the Doom Classic: Ray Traced mod trailer (via ComputerBase) allows you to compare the game's default graphics with ray-traced visuals. As we've seen in games like Quake II RTX and Minecraft RTX, the ray-tracing effects here really transform Doom's levels.

Unfortunately, as you can read on the GitHub page, there is limited GPU support for this mod, with the creator only supporting Nvidia RTX GPUs, with no current plans for Radeon or Intel GPU support. As for performance, CapFrameX states that an RTX 3090 system runs the game at 239FPS (down from 5000FPS without the mod), but it's unclear if it was running with DLSS enabled – which is also supported by the mod.

To play Doom with the PrBoom: Ray Traced 1.0.2 mod, you'll have to download the “prboom-rt.zip” file and unzip it. Then, copy the “Doom.wad” file from the game's original installation and place it in the mod folder directly. Finally, to run the modded game, use the prboom-plus executable file. DLSS support and a high-quality music pack can be downloaded optionally.

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KitGuru says: While Quake II RTX was officially developed by id Software and Nvidia's Lighthouse Studio, this Doom mod is completely fan made. Judging by the trailer though, the mod offers a similar level of quality, which is quite impressive. 

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