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Doom is rumoured to get another film adaptation

Doom is one of the many gaming franchises to suffer from the video game movie curse, in that its Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-fronted film from 2005 was a complete disaster. Given the success of the 2016 video game reboot, it seems that a new Doom movie adaptation might be in …

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Denuvo DRM has been removed from DOOM


Denuvo has become an incredibly popular form of DRM amongst game publishers over the years but as we have seen over the last year, it can be cracked, it just takes quite a bit of time. This week, DOOM is dropping Denuvo DRM on PC after finally being cracked, in …

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‘Arnold’ is the true king of Doom bots

Using a similar technique to Google when it taught its Deepmind network to play Atari games, two researchers from Carnegie Mellon university have created a self-taught Doom bot which became the most efficient killer at a recent competition. Known affectionately as Arnold, the bot placed second in the end, though it …

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DOOM will be getting SLI support soon

Just as the Vulkan API isn’t currently implemented into DOOM (2016) in the public build, SLI support is also missing at the moment. This is unfortunate for those with high-end multi-GPU PCs built to power the latest titles at 4K/UHD resolutions but support is on the way, according to one …

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