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Temtem is a Pokémon lookalike MMORPG that’s about to launch on Steam

Inspired by one of the biggest entertainment franchises ever, Temtem is a creature collection MMORPG that will release today on Steam Early Access, at 6:00 PM GMT. Just like Pokémon, the main objective in Temtem is to catch creatures and fight alongside them in tactical battles against other trainers.

The background story is also based in the Pokémon universe. The kids in Temtem universe want to be Temtem tamers by exploring the world, an archipelago made of 6 islands, discover new types of creatures, and know other people with those same interests. There are eight dojo leaders instead of gym leaders in Temtem, and the evil group is not Team Rocket, but it's Clan Belsoto.

The world is an airborne archipelago made of floating islands where humans and Temtem coexist. Each of these islands differs from the other, and to fly between them there are airships to transport the tamers that travel throughout the world to find the best Temtem. Just like Pokémon, the tamers just want to be the very best.

Some features of Temtem are the story campaign, an online world full of tamers, co-op gameplay and dual battles, a housing system, character customisation, competitive scene, and an ever-evolving world with regular content updates.

Developed by Crema, who also created Immortal Redneck, Drift Punk and Mobsferatu, the game is being published by Humble Bundle. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised almost $574K, the game was initially available only through Humble's website and the Discord store, with the latest being the only platform to distribute the game in its alpha phase.

If you are interested in buying Temtem, you can do it through Steam or Humble Bundle. To learn more about the game, check the official website.

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