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Situation Report: Modern Warfare 3 Vs Battlefield 3

In the build-up to any battle, both sides brandish massive modern weaponry. With thousands of soldiers marching through the street, backed up by tanks and an air display, it's not easy to see that one side is packing a bigger punch. KitGuru embeds with the troops of GAME company to bring you a report from the front lines. The result is scary.

You better close your eyes. You better bow your head. Here comes the Rick O'Shea.

At Gamescom 2011, a continuous march of more than 275,000 game enthusiasts filed through halls full of the biggest, baddest, best marketing efforts KitGuru has seen in a long time. While it was hard to pick one stand above all others, the fact that the Battlefield 3 stand had a massive fighter jet, centre stage, was a significant draw.

Stunning display and a great game, but somehow lacking the afterburner necessary to pull ahead of MW3

With that in mind, imagine our surprise when we snuck a camera into GAME so we could photograph the high-street giant's charts.

In case it's not immediately clear, MW3 is number one (top left) and Battlefield 3 is not even on the chart. Single copy, bottom right. Not satisfied, GAME is also running a big trade-in promo to push MW3 sales even higher.

The gap between MW3 and BF3 on this chart is big. But then consider that this is the PC games chart and you see how significant it is. Game play on the PC is probably MW3's weakest suit. Certainly, this is the smallest contributor to overall sales. MW3 is console-led. Blimey.

Combining KitGuru's charming smile and winning patter, we engaged with one of the retail experts behind the till.

“You can't touch Call of Duty”, she informed us. “Nothing else even comes close”.

KitGuru says: So, there you have it, no matter how amazing Battlefield 3 is as a game, in the battle for the hearts and minds of the GAME public, it's not even in the same league. Time to de-widen our eyes and pick our jaws off the floor. MW3 owns the GAME charts.

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