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Dino PC shows off gaming systems at LAN party

When Dino PC told us that it was holding a LAN party with StarCraft II and Grid 2 tournaments, in association with Gigabyte, Nvidia and The Last Resort, KitGuru grabbed the camera and headed out to London.

Held at the Meltdown Bar in London, Dino PC’s gaming extravaganza gave excited gamers a chance to try out the system builder’s latest Gigabyte- and Nvidia-based gaming powerhouses.

starcraft-2  starcraft-1

Dino PC and Gigabyte set up a StarCraft II tournament with the winner taking home a high-end Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H motherboard.

Grid-system-DinoPC-Battlebox Grid-system-tournament

But that wasn’t all; eager gamers were given a chance to compete at Grid 2 on a 4K screen, powered by Dino PC’s Battlebox Lite system – a powerhouse equipped with a 4770K, Gigabyte Z87X-OC, and SLI Nvidia GTX 780 Ti cards built professionally into the Corsair Carbide Air 540 chassis.

prize-1 prize-2
Lucky Jamie Nicholls used his Grid 2 skills to set a 1 minute 57 second lap time which bagged him a combination of premium gaming peripherals from Gigabyte.

Perhaps it was the precision of Gigabyte’s Force K7 gaming keyboard which helped push him to victory.

Dino-PC-Hadron-2 Dino-PC-Hadron-1

Also out on show was Dino PC’s SFF Hadron system. Cramming a 4670K, Gigabyte Z87N-WiFi, and Nvidia’s GTX 760 into the m-ITX EVGA Hadron chassis, Dino PC’s Hadron system was tearing through Crysis 3.

Gigabyte-KB-and-mouse 2 Gigabyte-KB-and-mouse

Gigabyte was keen to show off its gaming-orientated Force K7 keyboard and M8000X mouse. The gamers seemed pleased with the performance of Gigabyte’s gaming peripherals.

Occulus-rift-system-1 Occulus-rift

Oculus Rift made an appearance, wowing enthused gamers with its unique, albeit nausea-inducing (for me at least), rollercoaster demo.

We spoke to Dino PC who said they were keen to hold more events in the future. In the mean time, get enhancing those gaming skills so that next time round, you are the one going home with a set of impressive prizes.

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KitGuru says: Well done to Dino PC for putting on a fun event, with the assistance of Gigabyte and Nvidia. Keep tuned for information on Dino PC’s next LAN party.

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  1. Was this open to the public? never heard about it anywhere? 🙁

  2. These are great fun, been to multiplays but didnt know DINO were doing one. shame, I would have went if I had known..

  3. Why does it look like there was around 5 gamers only? -_-

  4. Lucky man winning Gigabyte peripherals, they are my personal favourite. Just be careful, one spill of vodka and your keyboard won’t work again no matter how well you clean it (If you can get in the damn thing). I like them, but I find they are just a little too delicate for spills.