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343 addresses disappointment in new Halo Infinite roadmap

Earlier this week, 343 Industries revealed the new roadmap for Halo Infinite, which unfortunately includes another extended six-month season, with highly anticipated features still months away. Unfortunately, according to Halo Infinite lead, Joseph Staten, this is the best we're going to get right now, as the team continues to tackle more pressing issues. 

During a recent livestream, (via PureXbox), Staten addressed recent disappointment in the Infinite roadmap, which plans out a six-month long season 2, ending in November, with features like campaign co-op and Forge mode still months down the line. Speaking on the matter, Staten said that “none of us inside of 343 look at this roadmap and are happy with it”.

According to Staten, the team also wants to create content at a faster pace and speed up the seasonal content rollout. However, due to on-going “quality of life issues”, 343 has to take more time to continue fixing up the game.

Season 02 of Halo Infinite will kick off next week, accompanied with new game modes and a new battle pass. Later in the year, we expect to see a new Battle Royale mode introduced for the game, although 343 Industries is not developing this. Instead, it is being handled by Certain Affinity, a support studio that has also worked on other Halo games in the past.

KitGuru Says: What do you all think of 343's current content plans for Infinite? Would a new Battle Royale mode save the game at this point? 

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