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92 percent of PC game sales are digital

It turns out that digital downloads made up 92 per cent of all PC game sales worldwide in 2013, according to a new analyst report. In addition, that figure is supposed to grow over the next few years.

The figures were obtained by Analyst, DFC Intelligence, which points out that these statistics don't include any hardware sales, just the games themselves. However, given that PC has been moving more and more towards digital since 2005, it's not surprising that it has almost taken over entirely.


The success of Valve's Steam platform has probably had a huge impact on the success of digital downloads on the PC platform. In the UK specifically, downloadable game sales across all platforms generated £1.18 billion last year, while physical game sales only generated £1.015 billion.

In addition, DFC has previously stated that PC gaming has overtaken console gaming in revenue, making PC the more lucrative platform.

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KitGuru Says: I haven't bought a physical copy of a PC game in years, I think my most recent physical purchase was actually Guild Wars Factions, which came out in 2006. When was the last time any of you guys bought a physical PC game? 

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