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Ubisoft will delete your account and games if you forget to sign in for too long

The age of digital gaming has brought along plenty of benefits, mainly quicker access to new games as well as saving space in the home. However, it also means that in many cases, we are beholden to the digital platform provider and their terms of service. Ubisoft recently confirmed that it will delete user accounts, as well as their purchased games if a user doesn't log in for a period of time. 

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Tokyo Game Show Online announced for September

Back in May, the physical, in-person version of the Tokyo Game Show was officially called off due to COVID-19 concerns, much like other major gaming events in 2020. Since then, the organisers behind TGS have been working on putting together a digital version of the show, which has now been …

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Facebook’s E-Commerce Plans Could Shift Digital Markets

Instagram may not come to mind when chasing down online sales, but Facebook's photo-oriented property very well may become an online storefront through a partnered app. News of Facebook's intentions to step into the realm of storefronts run by artificial intelligence broke as early as July revolving around a plan …

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EU Commission continues push for single digital market

The European Commission is keen to continue improving the ability for online shoppers to buy from wherever they want without facing additional hurdles. Its latest proposals would see retailers banned from treating customers differently and would have to sell to foreign buyers, thought they wouldn't be required to handle international …

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