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95% of all Capcom sales are digital

There was once a time when physical media reigned supreme. Over the years however, we have seen the physical space give way to digital media – with the latter seeing its adoption increase year-on-year. One company which has seen a near-complete shift to digital media is Capcom, announcing that 95% of all its sales are digital.

As part of the company’s most recent fiscal reports (in which Capcom revealed that 50% of its game sales are on PC), the publisher released a chart showcasing the progression of the company’s sales as it pertains to digital vs physical media. As can be seen, during Capcom’s Q2 2022, 95% of all sales made were digital in nature, compared to just 5% physical.

While we have seen game sales trend towards digital in recent years, seeing Capcom move to almost 100% digital is interesting. That being said, it is worth noting that this 95% includes PC sales, which as mentioned accounted for 50% of all units sold. As such, in removing PC from the equation, the ratio is much less extreme – but even so the evidence is clear: we are rapidly approaching an all-digital future.

EA recently claimed that it would stop selling physical media in Germany and other German speaking countries. It will be interesting to see whether Capcom follows suit.

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