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AMD confirms FSR 2.0 support for Xbox Series X/S consoles

Last year when AMD officially launched FSR, Microsoft was quick to confirm that the technology will work on Xbox Series X/S consoles. Later that year, Myst became the first Xbox title to support FSR, but there has been little news since. Now, with FSR 2.0 coming up, AMD has been quick to let developers know that it will be compatible with Xbox titles as well as PC.  

Yesterday during GDC, AMD began detailing FSR 2.0, which will arrive for PCs in Q2. In a blog post, AMD confirmed that FSR 2.0 will be work on Xbox consoles, but there is currently no timeline for when the first FSR 2.0 Xbox games will arrive.

There are two prime candidates already though, as it was also announced that Bethesda's Deathloop and Square Enix's upcoming new IP, Forspoken, will be amongst the first FSR 2.0 titles on PC. Deathloop will be heading to Xbox later this year once Bethesda's timed exclusivity deal with Sony comes to an end.

As for Forspoken, that game will be arriving in Q4 of 2022 following a recent delay. Initially, the game was due to release in May but has been pushed back for additional QA.

You can read more about FSR 2.0, how it works and compatibility, HERE. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

KitGuru Says: FSR 1.0 didn't gain much traction on Xbox, but perhaps FSR 2.0 can change that. For those of us on PC, we'll be getting our first look at FSR 2.0 in just a few months time. 

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