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AMD is the ‘exclusive’ PC partner for Starfield, which likely means no DLSS support

Today, AMD has unveiled itself as the “exclusive PC partner” for Bethesda's next big RPG, Starfield. Like previous AMD-sponsored PC games, this means we'll see Starfield launch with support for AMD features, like FSR 2. 

AMD and Bethesda have been working closely on the PC and console versions of Starfield, as the Xbox Series X/S systems are both powered by AMD hardware. This means we'll see FSR 2 available in both the PC version and the Xbox version of the game when it launches on September 6th.

Last week, wccftech pointed out something pretty major. The majority of AMD-sponsored PC titles ship with FSR and do not support Nvidia's DLSS technology. Meanwhile, a good number of Nvidia-sponsored titles launch with options for both DLSS and FSR. Given that AMD is listed as the ‘exclusive' PC partner for Starfield, we would assume that there will not be any official DLSS support for the game.

Of course, Bethesda titles do attract lots of modders, so we'll likely see DLSS mods available after launch.

While Bethesda has not confirmed the full graphical suite for Starfield, we do know that the game will support ray-tracing on some level. Typically, Nvidia-sponsored titles have been more ambitious with their ray-tracing offerings, as Nvidia graphics cards typically perform better with RT features enabled. With that in mind, we wouldn't expect ray-tracing effects to be a huge focus.

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