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Battlefield 5 may launch in 2016

According to recent reports from gaming industry analysts, EA is planning to launch Battlefield 5 in 2016. This way, DICE will have more time to work on its Battlefield 4 follow up while also giving Visceral Games plenty of time in the spotlight with Battlefield Hardline, which is due to release early next year, after being delayed from this month.

These reports come from analytics firm, Stern Agee, which believes EA has moved Battlefield 5's launch in to 2016. The firm believes that the publisher did this because Battlefield Hardline will now launch in 2015, additionally, EA is also feeling very confident about Star Wars: Battlefront III, which is also due to launch next year.


The final reason behind the game's supposed 2016 release date is to avoid another Battlefield 4 launch fiasco. Although, it doesn't exactly take an analyst to figure that one out.

Battlefield games usually tend to go through two year development cycles but with DICE Sweden working full time on Star Wars Battlefront, it's safe to assume that DICE LA is currently working on Battlefield 5 in some capactiy, even if the process is still in the very early stages and only being worked on by a handful of people.

However, at E3 earlier this year, EA wasn't able to show us any Battlefront III gameplay, so it is hard to judge how far along in the development process that game is. For all we know, it could be hit with a delay next year. However, this is all based on speculation, we will have to wait and see how things go. Hopefully next year, EA and DICE will be ready to show off some gameplay.

Additionally, there has been no official announcement made regarding Battlefield 5 and due to Battlefield Hardline's impending release, its unlikely that the next game will be announced any time soon.

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KitGuru Says: The analytic firm's guesses seem to be mostly made up of common sense, it doesn't take much to assume that Battlefield 5 won't release in the same year as Hardline. Additionally, Battlefront III is a Star Wars game so it is already likely to sell well, explaining EA's confidence in the title. What do you guys think of this? Will most people have forgotten about Battlefield 4's mistakes by the time Battlefield 5 comes around in 2016?

Source: IGN

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