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Bethesda is not planning to bring Paid mods back with Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is officially on the way and this time around, mods for the game will be available on all platforms for the first time ever. While most are excited for Fallout 4 to arrive and modders to get to work, some are still sceptical over Bethesda’s plans following the failed attempt with Valve to bring paid mods to the market with the Steam Workshop.

Fortunately, it seems that Bethesda does not have any plans to try to jump back in to paid mods with Fallout 4. During an interview with German gaming site, Spiegel Online, Bethesda’s Todd Howard was asked about paid mods.


According to Kotaku’s translation, the question from Spiegel Online went something like “In the Microsoft press conference was announced that created by PC Fan extensions to run on the Xbox One. If you have to pay for some mods? In “Skyrim” Bethesda has experimented with a Mod-payment option , which was withdrawn after fan protests.”

To which Todd Howard replied: “How long was the online payment system? 24 Hours? I can only speak for the present time, but currently there are no plans for a payment system.”

So it seems Bethesda has been scared away from paid mods for the time being. Maybe the concept will be revisited in the future but if it does, hopefully any companies involved will have the sense to be more open about it, rather than dropping it on everyone out of nowhere.

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KitGuru Says: From what I could gather, paid mods themselves weren’t such a bad idea but Valve’s total lack of quality control (apparently at Bethesda’s request), the wonky refund policy and the pricing was all wrong. On top of all of that, Valve and Bethesda tried to change decades worth of tradition suddenly overnight without consulting the wider audience, which was also a pretty terrible idea. I don’t think gamers will be ready for paid mods to be tried again for quite some time so hopefully Bethesda’s plans won’t change and Fallout 4 will keep mods free for now. 

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