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Valve wants to bring back paid mods eventually

Back in 2015, Valve teamed up with Bethesda to experiment with the idea of paid mods, giving modders a chance to make some cash for their work on games. However, the paid mods launch for Skyrim wasn’t handled particularly well and it was quickly drowned in controversy, leading to paid …

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Valve introduces ‘custom game pass’ for Dota 2

While Valve’s brief paid mods stint with Skyrim didn’t last long, Valve hasn’t given up on coming up with ways to support custom content creators. Today, Valve announced the ‘Custom Game Pass’ for Dota 2, which will allow those who enjoy custom game modes to support the creators directly. Custom Game …

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Petition against Valve paid mods gains traction

Valve opened up a can of worms last night when it announced that it would be allowing developers to sell their mods on the Steam Workshop, with no quality control, curation process, or guarantee of future support or compatibility. The main issue people seem to be having though, is just …

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