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Borderlands 3 is out and comes with performance issues on all platforms

Borderlands 3 is officially launching today across PC, Xbox One and PS4. We've already heard that there were some potentially shady stuff has been going on with the reviews process for the game and now, we can start to make some guesses as to why. Those who have already got their hands on Borderlands 3 are reporting numerous issues across all platforms.

The first batch of ‘2K approved' Borderlands 3 reviews dropped at the start of this week and all of them were based on pre-release PC builds of the game loaded up on 2K-controlled Epic Games Store accounts. During the review process, journalists were told to not bother trying the DirectX 12 version and to stick to DX 11. Now at launch, PC players are in fact having issues getting the game to run at all in DirectX 12 mode.

Beyond that, users on Reddit are reporting issues with stuttering, poor frame rates and other issues. Unfortunately, performance is also reportedly poor on consoles, with ‘performance mode' not delivering close to 60fps even on an Xbox One X and poor frame pacing/stuttering with the 30fps cap switched on. There are also issues with general game bugs, like the inventory screen not functioning correctly in some situations.

Some of these issues weren't brought up when the review embargo dropped earlier this week, leading to an 85 metacritic score for day one. Now that actual players and other journalists are able to get their hands on the final version of the game for review, we may well see that drop a bit.

In the meantime, Gearbox is likely going to be working on several patches to address these problems.  Hopefully we'll get more information on that in the next few days.

KitGuru Says: It is always a shame to see a highly anticipated game come out with performance issues. Have any of you had a chance to try Borderlands 3 out yet? Have you experienced any issues so far? 


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