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Borderlands 3 set to launch on Epic Games Store in September

Last week, Gearbox Studios announced that not only would Borderlands 1, 2 and the Pre-Sequel be getting upgrades this year, but Borderlands 3 is also on the way. However, while the rest of the series has launched on Steam, Borderlands 3 will instead be heading to the Epic Games Store, adding to its exclusive arsenal.

This information was revealed in a now deleted tweet, announcing that Borderlands 3 would arrive on the 13th of September. The tweet came with an accompanying trailer, showing the Epic Games Store logo in the corner. The tweets may have been deleted, but they were preserved by Wario64:

This shouldn't come as much of a shock. Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, tweeted his support for the Epic Games Store late last year and stated that he was excited to support it himself. Borderlands is also built on the Unreal Engine, meaning the Gearbox will get an even better revenue percentage for game sales on Epic's platform.

Pitchford also talks about his time working with Valve in last year's NoClip documentary on Half-Life (listen from about 35:11 onward). While Gearbox did ship its own Half-Life game, Pitchford makes it known that the relationship between the two studios was frustrating, so it would seem that Gearbox isn't exactly on the best of terms with Valve anyway.

KitGuru Says: Epic Games has been snapping up a lot of high profile exclusives for its store. Most of them have been surprising but in this case, the writing was on the wall. Especially when you consider Pitchford's statements last year. 

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