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Denuvo slips again with Shadow of War getting cracked in just 24 hours

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launched earlier this week and while Warner Bros attempted to keep it locked down with Denuvo’s DRM system, it seems crackers have managed to figure out a way around it. Over the last year, game cracking groups have gotten a lot quicker at removing Denuvo, with Shadow of War being getting cracked in just 24 hours.

Denuvo uses an anti-tamper system to stop users from being able to mess with specific files in order to crack the game. This year though, it has been less and less effective. Mass Effect Andromeda was cracked in less than two weeks, Resident Evil 7 was cracked in just under a week and now with Shadow of War, the time to beat has been reduced to just 24 hours.

Back in early 2016, the Chinese cracking group known as 3DM said that Denuvo may manage to put a stop to PC game pirating entirely as it was simply too difficult to bypass. They later proved themselves wrong by cracking Rise of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 3.

Now that Denuvo has been cracked, it will be interesting to see if Warner Bros removes it entirely. Previously, Bethesda has removed Denuvo from DOOM after being successfully cracked, the developer behind indie title ‘Inside’ made a similar move.

KitGuru Says: It seems that pirates and crackers are getting wise to Denuvo’s ways at this point. Just 24 hours for Shadow of War is a very quick turn around.

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  • Joukyuu

    I can’t even run the game, but fuck’em anyway with all that loot crate bullshit in a single player game, I hope more people pirate it than buy it.

  • Ryan ‘Ginge’ Hilton

    The Evil Within 2 was also meant to be released with Denuvo, but didn’t because Shadow of War was cracked so fast. Bwahahaa

  • Jason Scott

    Dev’s should obv get money, but the problem lies more in how much money they want Vs how much money its actually worth. Iv not played the game yet but for a single player game to have micro transactions i fear is a step too far. Remember the backlash on day one dlc? Now that’s common place, micro transactions should not be common place in games you already own. Yes its at the players choice but when you make games more and more of a chore to play those transactions become more and more useful until its almost a requirement. I for one don’t want to see that. Maybe there war on piracy will not be about drm but more about destroying the game industry as a whole…

    So i say pirate it. Show them this sort of greed wont be tolerated.

  • Jayden

    Glad it was cracked, I hate Denuvo, and I didn’t buy this game because they wouldn’t confirm with me if it had Denuvo or not I was going to purchase the Mithril Edition for $300, but I am glad I didn’t, Denuvo does more harm than good and turns legitimate customers into pirates, I wont post pirated links to content that is up to those who choose to obtain unauthroized copies but I will say if I want to play this game I will be looking for the free version, because I am not paying developers a cent who use Denuvo its garbage and was cracked in 24 hours now it just serves the purpose to harm legitimate consumers.

  • chris

    Micro transactions should only e for things like custom skins and it anything that effects gameplay

  • Patrick Proctor

    Clearly Denuvo hasn’t learned any new tricks… I know the cracking team has hardware access, something web application security generally doesn’t need to worry about unless you’re handling financial or medical data, but seriously?

  • Rocky40

    Wow that was fast this time around. Dev’s need to be paid but with the new tend of using loot boxes which can cost real money I have a hard time feeling sorry for them. My way of thinking is if I just spent $69.99-$99.99 on a game I should not be seeing the pay to get stuff in the game at all. Yes from what I under stand you can get the loot boxes from in game money but I also heard it takes a while to raise the founds to do so.

    If these dev’s get away with this type of thing this will be just the beginning of it all as they see that we as buyers are willing to fork over cash money for loot boxes and other stuff it they use it more and more and at some point it will get so bad that you won’t be able to finish the game with out spending another $30-$50 to get to the end of the game. I hope this type of thing is stopped before it becomes common place in games.