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Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a PS4 exclusive until April 2021

All signs seemed to be pointing towards Final Fantasy VII Remake making its March release date until just a few weeks ago. The game has since been delayed and as a result, the PS4 exclusivity period has also been moved, ensuring Sony still has the game locked down for one year.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was initially due to release on March 3rd 2020, with Sony getting timed exclusivity rights through until March 2021. Now, the game is coming out on the 10th of April 2020 and as you might expect, that means Sony has the exclusive until April 2021.

The change was reported by Siliconera, which spotted updated box art for the game. We originally found out about the length of the timed exclusivity window through box art listing it as a PS4 exclusive until March 2021. This has now been updated to April 2021.

After that date, Square Enix will be free to bring the game to other platforms, including PC. Rumours have already indicated that the game will eventually land on PC and Square Enix has been making efforts to ensure the Final Fantasy franchise has a bigger presence on the services like Steam, so Final Fantasy VII Remake is a likely candidate for a PC release next year.

KitGuru Says: Final Fantasy VII Remake is just a few more months away for PS4 owners. The game is unlikely to immediately land on other platforms once the timed exclusivity period runs out but hopefully Square Enix is already preparing. Of course, at that point we'll have next-gen consoles too, so it will be interesting to see if those end up being supported too.

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