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Here are the first 104 games to get Xbox backwards compatibility

The new Xbox One dashboard is on the way and alongside that will be the addition of backwards compatibility, a long sought after feature for the console. Right now, Microsoft is working with publishers to get permission to make specific Xbox 360 games backwards compatible with the Xbox One and so far, 104 games have been approved, with Microsoft releasing the full list today.

Most of the titles on the list include Xbox Live Arcade games but there are some notable additions, like the Gears of War series, Mass Effect 1, Assassin's Creed II and Borderlands. You can see the full list below:


It's a long list and Microsoft promises that there is plenty more to come. Some highly requested games are notably absent, including older Call of Duty games and Rockstar's console hit, Red Dead Redemption, so maybe we will see those added in the future. New games are coming on a regular basis starting in December, additionally, all future Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

The backwards compatibility and new dashboard update arrives this week on the 12th of November.

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KitGuru Says: This is a big step for Microsoft, particularly since both consoles seemed to abandon traditional backwards compatibility this generation. However, the current list of games is a bit bare, I'm also quite disappointed that only Mass Effect 1 is included on the list as I wouldn't mind revisiting the whole trilogy again. What do you think of Microsoft's initial batch of games? Are you glad they are working on backwards compatibility. 

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