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Hitman will run on DirectX 12 at launch

The PC Gamer Weekender event is taking place right now and some interesting news has managed to slip out of it. According to the demo of Hitman being shown at the event, the game will support DirectX 12 fully at launch, a slide also lists the benefits of going with the latest API.

Thanks to DirectX 12, you can probably expect some better performance, thanks to better multithreading support and increased performance for CPU-bound instructions.


PC Gamer's slide image is a bit blurry but it confirms that Direct X 12 will bring:

  • better multithreading
  • increased performance where CPU bound
  • better experiences for laptop gamers
  • asynchronous compute on AMD cards for significant performance gains
  • early days but we will continue expanding and improving on the Dx12 experience in future releases

The last bullet point likely means that other Square Enix owned studios will start using Direct X 12 for future games as well.

KitGuru Says: While we have known about Direct X 12 and its benefits for some time now, it is great to finally see games starting to support it. Are any of you planning on picking up Hitman next month? 

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