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Intel: there are 711 million PC gamers in the world

According to Intel, there are currently 711 million PC gamers in the world, which works out as one in every ten people on the planet. In addition, the desktop is “alive and well” with innovation thriving in all form factors.

Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum, Kirk Skaugen said: “desktop is alive and well. It’s innovating, whether it’s small form factors, all-in-ones, portable all-in-ones or extreme gaming.”

“There are 711 million PC gamers in the world today, that’s one in ten people on the planet.” It’s not clear as to where Skaugen got these statistics from but they certainly sound impressive. However, its very likely that this was just an over exaggerated number, blurted out in the moment.


Skaugen went on to talk up Intel’s upcoming Broadwell chips, the first 14nm CPUs based on the Haswell micro-architecture, proclaiming that 14nm technology is “the most advanced silicon manufacturing technology in the world.”

Speaking to PC Gamer, Intel’s Lisa Graff, said: “We’re really focused around PC gaming and enthusiasts. This is the one area of PCs that has kept growing. These are out most loyal customers: PC gamers. They want as much performance as we can throw at them. We’re going to bring Intel’s best technologies to bear for PC gaming”

Intel’s Broadwell CPUs will bring Iris Pro graphics to socketed processors, which will compete directly with AMD’s APUs, allowing for super small gaming builds with capable on-board graphics.

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KitGuru Says: Intel’s Broadwell processors are expected to hit next year, it will be interesting to see how the Iris Pro graphics compare to AMD’s APUs. Are any of you guys looking forward to next year’s Broadwell processors?

Source: PC Gamer

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